You might have seen the anchor bracelet everywhere! They are present everywhere and give instant inspiration and appeal to people and can be used by anyone. Yes! This unisex bracelet comes in various sizes and it suits everyone. The main reason to go with an anchor symbol because it is used universally and it is […]

Things Needed for the New Baby’s Room

Your new baby deserves its own space in the home, and that space must be fitted with befitting furniture to make it more practical, functional, and livable for a newborn child. While adding the furniture and other things to the room, never forget to make the place look homely and welcoming. If you do not […]

Adore Yourself From Top To Toe Wearing Gold Jewellery for Women

The fact cannot be circumvented that a woman is incomplete without Jewellery. And things become pretty much special when it comes about gold Jewellery. It does not enhance the beauty of the wearer but also considered quite auspicious as per the custom. And therefore Gold Jewellery Designs For Women has always been high in demand. […]

How To Impress Your Wife On Her Karva Chauth?

North Indian married women observe a special puja known as Karwa Chauth for the long life and health of their husbands. Previously, it was a Punjabi celebration, but later on, across northern India, it became a popular celebration. It’s known to be a very strenuous puja where the wives have to fast until they see […]

Jewellery Checklist for Every Traditional Maharashtrian Brides

Maharashtrian brides are gorgeous! All decked up in that stunning yellow or green saree with borders of golden hues, and a hair bun with gajra tied neatly at the back – that’s the sight of pure beauty. While most Indian brides wear reds on their wedding days, Marathi brides follow the tradition of adorning Paithani […]

Christening Gowns for Girls

A momentous occasion such as Christening deserves a stylish look for your daughter. Christening is an occurrence of its kind designed to welcome your baby into the world officially. It`s a religious observance of overwhelming significance because it not only purifies babies for church admittance but also initiates them formally into faith. The conventional practice […]

Designer Church Suits: Hiking up the Fashion Quotient

People lives, personal as well as professional, are greatly influenced by fashion. Latest trends in fashion and lifestyle have been shaping up human culture since ages. Be it a casual get together of religious gatherings, people tend to carry themselves in a modest, yet fashionable way. Fashion designers have accordingly adjusted their offerings considering the […]

     Few Things That Always Happen At Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are no less than a festival. They are full of fun, emotions and sometimes, totally bizarre. There are so many things that happen at Indian weddings can sometimes knock the breath out of you. There are even some things that happen which can make you laugh till your guts hurt. The whole event […]

What is the Importance of Having Sunday Church Suits?

The practice of wearing Sunday Church Suits began in the middle of the 19th century. The tradition began in the UK and gradually spread to the United States. Interestingly, the industrial revolution was the reason for the tradition spreading across Europe and US. The influence on worship dressing was borne out the influence of Victorian […]

The cursed Stone. The Hope Diamond.

It’s a sure fire way to increase the price or interest in something up by making up stuff up about it. Or rather we should say embellishing the truth a bit. This is the case of the Hope Diamond. If you’re looking to buy diamond rings online, then it might be a better idea to […]