An Overview of Channel Setting for Diamond Rings 

If you want to elevate an engagement or wedding ring to a new level of sophistication, channel settings are an excellent choice as they add that extra sparkle, stand out on any finger, and unlikely to ever go out of style. In fact, channel settings are the most popular types of diamond settings, and it is ideal for mounting specific diamonds including princess cut, Baguette cut, and square stones.

Here is what you need to know before you head to one of the jewelry stores in Albuquerque to buy a channel set diamond band.

Understanding channel setting 

Whether it is used to add sparkle to a plain band or as an accent to a central stone, channel setting is a popular feature as they make any ring look attractive and elegant. The channel setting ring consists of a series of diamonds that are placed around the circle of the ring within a channel. The stones are identical and are set against the metal so that the diamond and surface of the metal are at the same level.

As the stones sit within the groove, this kind of setting provides a lot of security to the diamonds and lasts long, and this is why it is the most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings. Channel settings are a popular choice for a long time as they suit any style and can be tweaked to create unique and interesting designs.

Here are a few ways to make your channel setting diamond ring stand out.

Choose different shape 

Even though the round brilliant is the good choice for channel setting, it is a good idea to go with a different shape. Visit the jewelry stores in Albuquerque, take some time and explore the different options available. For example, a channel setting with baguette shaped diamonds will give a classic and unique appearance that makes it stand out. Moreover, baguette shaped diamonds can complement the center stone beautifully and are capable of exhibiting the brilliance of the stone. So, why not go for different shapes? Ask the jewelers in Albuquerque, and they will help you choose the best shape that suits channel setting.

Choose different stone 

While most of the people choose diamonds, channel setting allows you to be more creative by mixing different gemstones. Try to incorporate sapphires, emeralds, and rubies as an accent stone to add color to the ring and personalize it. Diamonds go well when paired with other gemstones as well and it is a great way to balance color and brilliance.

Don’t ignore the size 

Before buying one, you must consider the size as it plays a significant role in channel setting. Choose the right size, and check with the Albuquerque diamond jewelers to make sure diamonds and other stones used in the channel setting are uniform in size and color.

Post Author: Clare Louise