All The Things You Need to know about Beautician’s Public Liability Insurance

If you employ one or more people in your business, you will need to buy Employer’s Liability Insurance. It is required by law. But buying Public Liability Insurance is not required by law but the truth is that operating a business without it can mean you end up paying thousands of dollars in claims. If you are a beautician, then buying this cover for yourself and your business should be a priority. To know more about why you need Public Liability Insurance in the beauty business, read on.

The nature of a beautician’s business is that she comes regularly in contact with random members of the public in the course of her work. She will have regular customers and walk-in customers come into her place of business for a beauty treatment. This greatly increases her risk of public liability claims for compensation. Being a beautician you should also know that the nature of your business is such that you may also be facing many other risks that other business-owners do not face, making Public Liability Insurance a very crucial buy to protect your business.

Mobile Beautician Public Liability Insurance: What it covers

The truth is that lawyers encourage people to file lawsuits for minor things all the time and we live in a culture when a small business facing multiple lawsuits is normal. Since your business has you meeting up with people on a daily basis and providing them your services, the risks can be high that you will damage property or cause someone an injury. Some compensation claim instances:

  • You are giving a client a blow dry and the setting on the blow dryer is too high. It mistakenly burns your client’s skin. She claims compensation for personal injury.
  • You have just mopped the floor of your salon and a client walks in. She trips because of the slippery floor. She claims compensation.

As you can see, it can be anything. Getting Public Liability Insurance as a beautician is very necessary in today’s times. Here’s what it is going to cover:

  • Compensation amount: If the other party can prove in court that it has to be paid a compensation amount, then this plan will be able to cover it.
  • Legal costs: Dealing with a court case is not possible without a lawyer. This plan will cover all your legal fees including lawyer’s fees and other legal expenditures.

What beauticians will need

Just buying a Public Liability Insurance plan is not enough. Knowing what it covers and making sure to add extensions whenever necessary is the smart thing to do. Here are the extensions that you should buy:

  • Financial loss: Most Public Liability Insurance plans will not give cover for anything other than damage to property or injury. However, you may find yourself facing a claim for just a financial loss. For instance, you provided a beauty treatment to a client but it did not cause her any property damage or injury. She just was unable to work. You may have taken to court for loss of her income. When you add this extension to your plan, you will be covered for such a lawsuit.
  • Product and treatment liability: As a beautician, it is your job to continually offer beauty treatment services and products to your clients. You do this on a regular basis. When you choose to buy product and treatment liability cover, you will be able to cover the costs if things went wrong in this regard. When you buy this cover and someone claims that their property got damaged or they were injured because of a product you supplied or sold to them, you will be covered.

With compensation claims for facial scarring due to a beauty treatment gone wrong going up to 50,000 pounds, you, as a beautician, have a choice to make. With a strong Public Liability Insurance that covers all the intricacies of your profession, you will stand protected. It is vital to know that you should buy a plan that is specific to your own profession and not just a standard Public Liability Insurance.

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