A Star Is Born

A new star is born – in fact you can have a star named after your grandchild. It is easy to do. Just Google – name a star – and you will get several websites that will do this for you. They make up a certificate with the star and where it is located and what you named it. Years later you can take a trip to camp out where the night sky is bright and the two of you can find the grandchild’s star.

Baby star clothes


To add to this gift of the star, you can also get your baby star some unique clothes from a company in South Africa. This company makes Zippy suits which are the one-piece outfit that most newborns wear everyday for the first several months. These are unique because of the material that is used the make them as well as the fact that they have 2-zippers, one for the top and one for the bottom – which makes changing diapers much easier to do.

One-piece outfits


These Zippy’s or one-piece outfits are made from a material that is a blend of cotton and spandex which gives great support and comfort. They have the 2-way zippers, and they also have a band around the ankle that can be put up when the weather is warm or can be put down to cover the feet when the temperature is cold.

Unique clothes


These are unique gifts because you can’t find them anywhere else and they have thousands of different designs. When you order you should order several because that is what a new born baby wears for the first several months.

So now this new baby has a star named after them and clothes for a little star. How precious this gift is coming from the new stars grandparents.


Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall