A Brief History of Hairdressing and Beauty Styling

We all know that in all parts of human history it was necessary to confine and cut the hair with the idea to maintain it and make it more beautiful.

The hairstyling history started due to a need to fulfill personal adornment that could be different when it comes to form from blond wigs, to ornately curled and sleek glad heads from the beginning of 20th century.

One of the most critical functions making your hair beautiful, especially in preindustrial societies was due to status form. For instance, primitive men fasten feathers, bones and other things to their hair with the goal present status and fear towards other parts of tribe with prowess and rank.

The main idea for hairstyling is to protect your hair and beauty so that you can increase the appeal toward other people around you. For instance, noble ranks when it comes to ancient Gauls presented themselves by wearing long hairs. That was the main reason why Caesar cut it out when they conquered them.

There is another importance of hair that started due to religion especially when you see Buddhist and Christian monks with shaved head, which indicated going outside the things around us. On the other hand, Muslim men shaved heads because they believed that Allah would put them into heaven.

The Idea of Hairstyling throughout the History

In the Elizabetian era of England, both religion and politics were presented through curl that represented of Royalist, while Puritans cropped hair due to their perspective and ideas.

Hair arrangement can also proclaim marital and age status. Therefore, children in ancient times especially boys had to shave their hair, while Hindu boys also cut their hair as soon as they reached teenage years. For instance, during the Dark Ages maidens could release their hairs, while matrons had to tie them.

For Egyptians, had to show grief through shaven hair, while Hindu women that lost their husbands had their hair off due to the same reasons. Hairstyles changed as time went by, and in Dark Ages, everything was influenced by fashion that changed rapidly based on specific circumstances and reasons.

During the 17th century, people, especially nobles, followed the Louis XIV, the king that popularized used of wig, and in that particular period, everyone wanted to resemble him. On the other hand, in the previous century, most women were influenced by film stars and their hairstyles.

We have mentioned above that until the previous century, fashion hairstyles were limited only for nobility and fashion was rigid. Since the wealth started to increase among general population nowadays, due to informational age improvement, the trend reached the point of individualism and informality for both genders.

Today, everyone has the ability to choose both color and style of their hair that suits their preferences, tastes and needs.

Tips for Styling Your Hair

  • Styling Based On Face Shape – We have to start from the very beginning because there are essential ways to protect your hair such as shining, healthy and simple to manage. Most fashion magazines nowadays suggest that you should create a hairstyle that depends on the face shape. In case that you feature a round face, you will be able to minimize it with controlled style in combination with side bangs. On the other hand, square face requires a technique that will cut the square at corners around the jaw. If you feature long face, you should make your hair round off the edges. As soon as you find an appropriate hairstyle for your specific face, that is just a beginning, because you should taint it by regular setting, washing, and cutting. Some women do it at home, while others choose professional hairdresser.

Washing Your Hair – It is a logical assumption that healthy hair is the basis for numerous hairstyles, and apart from regular brushing, you should clean it at least once a week. The main problem with it is that most shampoos nowadays are synthetic and soapy, but you can find the special ones that are specifically made for your hair type. We recommend you to check this link: https://www.wikihow.life/Wash-Your-Hair if you want to learn how to wash your hair properly. You can also choose sulfur-free that will treat your dry hair, and to increase the oil accumulation so that you can achieve the perfect shine. You can also consider hypoallergenic shampoos in case that you feature sensitive scalps.

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