5 Common Things Couples Argue Over Before Their Wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions of someone’s life. Plus, before getting married, there is this whole courtship period with all the chaos of wedding planning that can lead to some arguments between the couple. This is a common phenomenon, but it is very much healthy to have some small arguments as it helps the other person to analyse the behaviour of the other person. Situations like these help the relationship to grow as well.

It can be anything that can lead to an argument even the smallest of the things. We have heard from the managers at various wedding venues in Delhi NCR, that even the selection of the décor, as well as the setup, has led to arguments within the couples… Trust us! You are not alone this… here are some common things that people argue about before the wedding…

Guest List for wedding functions

After setting the budget for the wedding, you will get an idea of how many guests can be invited. Your immediate families will be easy to finalize at all the functions of the celebration. But as you move further, the discussion further goes to the second cousins, friends as well as colleagues, the things can get contentious.

So you need to sit and talk as well resolve the guest list together so that both the bride as well as the groom side have an equal number of invitees.

Lesser involvement of the Groom

We know, girls have a knack for wedding planning, whereas guys are not that into details of the wedding. This may lead to fear in the minds of brides-to-be that it’s a reflection of how much they will care about the relationship. Therefore, guys need to get involved and the brides should also involve him while taking the major decisions of the wedding planning.

The above mentioned are the two common rifts between the couples, other than these both of them can disagree about various other things like the colour palette for the functions, particular photographer, designer or even the type of furniture for the wedding. Therefore, both the partners need to be mature enough to come to a right decision that will please them both.

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