4 Great Outfits That Work Great with Your Men’s Light-Up Shoes

If you’ve just bought a pair of Mens Light up shoes, you’re probably wondering what you can wear with it. This is particularly applicable if it’s your first time to wear light-up shoes and have only seen a couple of people wearing it. Fortunately, LED footwear is similar to traditional shoes and can go with almost anything. The key here is to identify what your personal style is and what the most appropriate outfit would be for the place you’re going to or the event you’re attending. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Running errands

Whether you’re buying a few things at the mall, grabbing some coffee with your girlfriend, or meeting your friends for lunch, you’ll want to wear a casual outfit that keeps you comfortable while you go out and about. Pair your LED shoes with a button-down shirt and some nice jeans; if you want to go for the uber-casual look, a pair of Bermuda shorts plus a T-shirt and a hoodie will look fantastic with your light-up shoes.3

  1. Skateboarding

Most Mens light up shoes are comfortable enough for skateboarding and hoverboarding, so you can always put them on taking your board out for a spin. The clothes that you wear while enjoying these activities, though, greatly depend on your personal sense of style. If you want to blend in with the crowd, opt for the generic skater style, which involves plain jeans, a casual T-shirt, and LED shoes. If you’re more of a hip-hop skater, consider wearing baggy jeans with a white tee then throwing on a colorful snapback cap, a few gold chain necklaces, and light-up shoes to embody the hip-hop movement.

  1. Clubbing

Most clubs have a dress code, so it’s helpful to do some research and learn the dress code of the specific club you’re going to. If you don’t have the time, just put on a clubbing outfit that straddles the line between casual and formal. Your safest bet is to wear a suit in a bold color (think cerulean blue or turquoise) and pair it with a solid-colored T-shirt and your LED shoes. If you’re going to a more casual club, put on a pair of slim-cut black jeans and a black polo shirt and let your light-up shoes add a pop of color to your outfit.3

  1. Doing outdoor activities

It’s important to wear appropriate clothing when doing outdoor sports. If you’re riding your bike for short distances (like going to and from work), you can wear jeans or lightweight travel pants with an ultra-fine Merino wool base layer. If you’re going on a cycling trip and will cover several miles in a day, you’ll definitely have to wear bike shorts (either regular ones or with suspenders) along with a cycling jersey. Whatever outfit you wear, you’ll want to pair it with comfortable LED shoes, which make you more visible at night and help you avoid accidents.

Men’s light-up shoes look fantastic with almost anything. Mix and match the clothes in your closet to come up with stylish outfits that work great with your LED shoes and make you look even more attractive.


Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow