4 Don’ts of Cocktail Party Attire for Women

Every woman wants the perfect outfit, whether it’s jeans, A-line dress or anything else. When it comes to a special occasion like cocktail party, the emphasis on dress is even more crucial. A woman should know the dressing etiquette for such a party and most importantly be aware of the don’ts of cocktail attire so that you don’t end up in the wrong dress. In the following section, we’ve zeroed in on some of the important pointers in this context.

Don’t Opt for Jeans

One of the biggest mistakes, which we often see at a cocktail party, is the traditional blue jeans. You don’t go to cocktail parties often, so you cannot afford to choose your comfortable jeans over a cocktail dress. Remember that jeans don’t come under the formal category. Instead, you can opt for a trouser paired up with chiffon blouse. You will get plenty of options if you look online on reputed fashion portals like Forest Lily.

Don’t Wear Skimpy Outfits

When you head out to a cocktail party, never confuse it with night-outs with your girl gang because if you do so you will end up making a joke of yourself. Transparent clothes are not at all acceptable when you say ‘cocktail dress’. If you think you can pull out a Kylie Jenner show, then you’re wrong! Try A-line dresses or you can go with a simple black dress. But, remember not to make it too long. 

Don’t Slip on a Gown

Do you want to present yourself like Cinderella? Then, don’t head for a cocktail party! It is as simple as that. Always keep in mind that long gowns don’t get a count when you talk about cocktail dresses. Today’s era will not like it if you wear a long red gown for a reunion party. If you want to look decent yet classy, then go for a mid-sized dark color dress. Choose a dress that finishes at or over the knees.

Don’t Wear Revealing Undergarments

Your undergarments must be under the radar. If you think that a brassiere strap that peeks out would look sensual, a cocktail party is not the right place for that. If the dress you have chosen to wear has a tricky or plunging neckline, choose to wear stick-on or strapless brassieres.

Cocktail parties are always fun and exciting, but deciding the right dress can involve a lot of stress, especially if dress codes are implemented. Hope this guide has given the don’ts of cocktail attire so that you don’t choose the wrong dress.


Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall