Why guys use colognes that will turn any girl on

cGuys are different in nature. That is why, if you hear a girl saying that all guys are the same, then that thinking is wrong. The reason why she says so is because of her experience with a guy, who broke his promise, lied to her, disliked her, abandoned her or abused her. We can’t really blame a lady for saying such things towards a guy, so we have to respect that. She just needs to move on and start trusting guys again to forget that sad story.

Anyway, there are guys, who do not know how to catch a girl. Sometimes, the lady has been already in front of him, but he feels nervous and start mumbling. In that case, he will surely turn this girl off. Let’s say that he is not confident enough to face a lady. If this behavior continues, then he will end up as a bachelor until the rest of his life. We do not want that to happen because we all need someone to grow old with.

Destiny always makes a way to find us a partner. There are those who finds them through online dating. Their love story started with simple chatting or video calling until they have decided to meet. Seeing this person face to face for the very first time should leave the lady a must-not-forget memory. A guy needs to do something like using a Cologne That Turns Her On & Attracts Females | Aypa Dating Blog.

Fragrant types available on the market

Manufacturers have various ways of producing fragrance products. One of which is the Body Spray, which is usually in a bottle or can. You can always spray this scent anywhere in your body, except your armpit because deodorants and body spray are usually in different packs. Body sprays are normally cheaper than body colognes. It contains ingredients, such as alcohol, propane, parfum, butane and isobutene. You can always check the bottle for the contents.

In Germany, Eau de Colognes are called Kölnisch Wasser, which means water from cologne. But, in American English, perfumes are generically called colognes. Johann Maria Farina originally mixed it in 1709. This cologne contains various mixtures, such as alcohol, oil, water and extracts. Due to various extracts from different flowers and fruits, found in the formula of colognes, it has been used regularly every day. You can always find cologne products in the market with different scents.

We also have perfumes, which is actually a mixture of oils, fixatives, solvents and aroma compounds. This is actually stronger than colognes and body spray. Indeed, it lasts longer than other fragrant types. That is why sometimes, when we pass on someone, we can smell how strong the perfume is. While there are also those with sweet strong or mild scents. You can always find perfumes in different containers. There are even those who collects them.

Why cologne turns a girl on

Do you know that colognes have a smell that can make you interact with the opposite sex? Therefore, it can change the mood of those who can smell this scent. Through this fascinating smell, your emotions will rise up. And then, according to the old folks from France, scents are used as a form of social indicator. That is why when a man greatly uses scents and goes near you, it only shows that he wants you. These guys are attracting you and wanting to catch your attention.

Actually, when you smell a guy with such fragrance, he is not practicing witchcraft on you. You are turned on because of the limbic system present in our bodies. This system interacts with your emotions and that is an important role in the field of attraction. But, the limbic system will not control your intellectual capacity. It is up to you to control your emotions. Are you going to go for this guy or not?

When a lady smells how sweet a guy is in terms of colognes or perfumes, she will always look for that smell. So, when you meet a lady the first time, she will remember your scent. And then, when she goes somewhere smelling the same scent like yours, she will even think that you are there. Sometimes, that’s where deeper emotions and the relationship begins. You just made a girl turned on to you.

Post Author: Clare Louise