When to wear a bodycon dress

Dress appropriate in every situation

It is very important to know what to wear and what’s right for your silhouette. But even more important that this is to know when to wear a certain piece and how to dress according to the events you’re taking part of.

A bodycon dress is that kind of dress which is very tight and embraces all of your curves. Since they are so tight and curvylicious, that means that the material which they are made of must be very elastic in order to let you move. A blend between polyester and lycra is the most common for bodycon dresses. You must not forget that a dress like this is very provocative and sexy since it is so tight, so you must pay attention when and where you wear it!

It doesn’t sounds to daring if we say that you could wear a bodycon even to the job, day by day. Of course, if your dress code doesn’t say something else, feel free to wear a cute printed bodycon dress.

The print will chill down the effect which this dress has, making it appropriate for a day at work. An open back dress might be too much for a business environment but you can easily add a blazer on top and you’re fine.

This is also a great way to get an easy transition from day to night by removing the blazer and changing the big office bag for a small evening one. High heels are a must for an outfit like this, regardless the day or evening look you want to get.

What greater dress for a night at the club than a bodycon style? A dress like this is very sensual and provocative at the same time so it is more than perfect for a night out.

If you want to get creative wear an outstanding dress with some cutouts around the waist, or a deep cleavage.

Some slits on the sides or a metallic materials are also statement elements which will take the outfit out of its comfort zone and will put you in the center of attention. High heeled sandals of stilettos are the perfect footwear for an occasion like this.

Based on our advice about when to wear a bodycon dress, we are sure that you’ll make the right decisions depending on the event you’re going to. One thing to remember is that wherever you wear a dress like this, you’ll certainly draw all the attention.

Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson