What You Should Know About Double Chin Injections

Fat dissolving injections are a non-invasive substitute to chin liposuction for individuals who want to minimise the profile and appearance of submental fat (a double chin). For a lot of people, chin fat develops as the result of heredity or ageing and is generally quite hard to eliminate with just diet and exercise. This new, state-of-the-art treatment is administered via multiple gentle injections to help address moderate to severe fat under the chin for a more defined profile.

How does it work?

The fat dissolving injections are made from an active ingredient that naturally occurs in the body. This substance helps in the digestion of fat stored in the food we eat. When this substance is isolated and injected into the targeted area, the active ingredient helps the body metabolise and attack the fat cells safely.

Get rid of your double chin forever!

As soon as the fat cells have broken down, they can no longer store fat. This is why your results are permanent, and future treatments are not expected. Most patients report noticeable results in just two to four weeks, which go on improving and become most visible around two to three months post-treatment. Patient’s start to see their extra fat shrink, revealing a more refined neckline.

Will one session get rid of my double chin?

This groundbreaking fat dissolving technique is conducted in a series of sessions; often, 2 – 3, spread out over a few weeks. Your cosmetic surgeon will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan based on your desired look and chin profile.

What you should expect during treatment

Your skin is cleansed and prepped with numbing cream to ensure your comfort at the beginning of each treatment. A qualified and experienced injectable nurse will gently perform multiple injections underneath your chin. The entire procedure usually takes half an hour or less. There is no downtime required; you can return to regular activities straight after treatment.

Is treatment expensive?

Series of treatments can range from $2500-$4000 depending on the patient’s requirements, but prices vary from clinic to clinic.

Suitable candidates:

  • 18+ years old
  • A patient who has no or minimal excess skin in the chin and neck region. This treatment helps to dissolve fat but does not help retract the skin.
  • A patient who experiences excess fat around their neck and chin region

Are there any side effects?

The most reported side effects among patients are numbness, swelling, redness, bruising and hardened areas around the treatment spot. However, all of these side effects will diminish in just a few days after treatment.

In extremely rare cases of more severe side effects, patients can experience nerve injury, temporary facial muscle weakness and trouble swallowing. Nearly all health regulated procedures involve possible risks which your doctor will discuss with you. For more information on fat dissolving injections visit http://miraclinic.com.au/doublechin/.

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