What to Consider When Buying a Man’s Shirt

Shirts are not only loved for being an important part of your suit. They are also honored by men for their ability to stand out on their own, when there is need. If you have the right fabric and the perfect fit for you, then you will feel the need to walk into that occasion with your favorite shirt. A good shirt will always boost your confidence and you feel in control when it is the right fit for you. What should you consider when buying a shirt? This article outlines the basic things you should consider in a shirt, before you buy it.

Your Body Type and Size Measurement

Men buy their shirts based on whether they are small, medium or large. This makes it hard for the shirt to fit rightly for most men, since the body types and shapes of men come in different sizes. As you walk into a store selling men’s shirt, it’s important that you have a clue of your body type ad your measurements as well. The top measurements that you should know are your neck size, length of the arms, the chest size, and the waist size.


Shirts are two in type. There is the common make that just seems okay for a formal code, and then there are those shirts which are made with subtle features that make them special. These shirts which have special features should be bought with extra caution especially when looking for the one that fits right. Some shirts come with pleats, which are extra fabric that are out into folds and are meant for giving some extra room for the wearer. Trend today have fitting suits and it would seem all wrong to have a fitting suit whose shirt is billowing all over. Look out for tailored, or slimmed or fitting shirts.

The Collar

There are numerous collar styles, from spreads, to cutaways, to English Spreads. If you do not have an idea of the shirt that would best fit you, find a shirt whose collar is semi spread. The semi spread is not as trendy but it is conservative and it may go well with any kind of suit or tie.

Your collar should also fit your neck, not too large or overbearing.


Fabrics matter a lot, with the time of the year, or with the preference you have. Heavy fabrics are meant for winter while lighter ones work well with the summer. There are different kinds of fabrics, and you may get webbed in the yarn numbers that you have no idea of. high quality shirts have a higher yarn number or thread count and they have smoother and softer fabrics. Going for iron free shirts is a no-go zone for the formal dressing.

Color and Print

There are basic colors for  skjorte til mænd . Most of the shirts come in simple colors and you can venture into more secondary colors if you are used to the plain normal white and blue colors that most of the men’s shirts come in. check out for exciting patterns and take a bold step of playing around with the colors too. In most cases, dull colors will work well for the winter and fall. On the other hand, summer will look just fine for you with a pink or lavender shirt.

For a bold look, go beyond the normal blue and white shades. The collar should match well too, and a bold color will need some knowledge. Invest in a shirt with good fabric and kill off the see-through fabric that makes things look cheap. Lastly, find the right fit for you, such that you won’t look scrummed inside a little shirt, or overburdened with extra fabric.

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Troy Brown