Two Egyptian Cotton Shirts At The Price Of One- Limited Offer!!!

Let’s agree! Shopping plays a very important role in the life of a woman. But men are different. Shopping is something, the idea of which doesn’t woo them much. But there is one such place where proper dressing is required. That’s right, the corporate world or any other working sector will force you to show an interest in shopping. And, with this thought, a formal shirt, with a proper fit and comfortable, becomes a necessity, isn’t it?

Where To Head- The Right Place!

Now talking about comfort, there are certain materials which have been providing comfort to the men world for a long time. But when it comes to choosing the best material in terms of quality and comfort, cotton is the most chosen one.

What about the Egyptian cotton shirts then? Not only they are a classic addition to the men’s style list, but with their 100% cotton tag, these pair of shirts very well projects the men’s fashion statement. The luxury fabric composed custom shirts are available in different sizes. Thus, deciding between a slim fit and a casual fit shouldn’t be a worry at all.

Interested? Then Mode Magnifique is the answer to all your further queries. There, each piece is hand tailored and is made sure that the fit is not at all an issue.

The Special Offer

Now, if you are wondering what is the actual hype, and then we are happy letting you know about the special offer. Just by paying the price of a single shirt, you can get the privilege of getting another piece of shirt for free. Yes, two cotton white shirts!!

However, the offer is limited for a particular period of time. Don’t miss this chance and just grab it before December 1st. Remember, this offer is going to end soon and once it’s gone, it is for good.  

Okay, the choice of colors may be limited but then you have another way out to use your second white shirt.  You can order the second shirt for your friend, relative or whoever you want to. All you need to do is, mention the size, in the measurement form, and it will be custom made for you with various options for different types of cuffs as well. To give you the formal look, the French cuffs or barrel cuffs will do the tricks for you. And, you can choose the shape and design as per your choice.

Placing The Order

The entire process; right from placing the order to providing your measurement is pretty simple. Just you need to follow some basic simple steps.

  • The first step will be purchasing the shirt
  • Once done, select the shirt that fits you the best.
  • With the help of a measuring tape, check and note down the measurements
  • Now, if you are not quite sure how to do it, download the measurement form from and the guide will help you in filling up the form
  • Once you have noted down all the measurements, just email a picture of the form at
  • The shirt is expected to reach you within a period of 3-4 weeks

Does the ordering process sound tough? Don’t miss this chance as you are less likely to find such good quality cotton shirts at such a reasonable rate. What would have charged you $260 will now reach to you by merely spending $85.

So, what’s the wait for?

Happy shopping!


Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson