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The tulle skirt is also called tutu and lots of women tend to avoid wearing it. But, we are saying that you might be missing out a really great item that will totally transform your outfits. All that you need to know is how to transition from the childhood staple to the daytime look. The tulle skirt can look good with anything from tights, a blazer, a pair of high-heels, or maybe you would like to pair it with a silk blouse for an office look.

Of course, tulle skirt for work is an option just for the women who don’t have to respect a strict dress code. Depending on your personal style, you can wear this item with various clothes.

If you would like to go to an evening dinner after your work day, then you need to opt for a more elegant look. A tulle skirt will look amazing with flats and a cropped sweater. To add a touch of elegance you can opt for gold jewelry and a red lipstick.

For a more casual approach, a tulle skirt can be paired with a simple tee and a pair of animal print chunky heels (or flats). Just because the tulle skirts are so feminine and stylish, that doesn’t mean that we can’t wear it for work. You just need to pair it with minimal pieces so you will have a casual and chic look.

Dressing up for work can be challenging. You want to look stylish but also to feel comfortable. If you are lucky enough to work into a creative place, it’s an absolute must to wear cute, but professional outfits. Pairing a tulle skirt with a cozy sweater and a biker jacket is a great look for fall days.

If you are still worried about how to wear tulle skirt for work, here is a helpful tip for you. Just grab your favorite shirt, pull it on and choose your most comfortable shoes. Sometimes you just need some extra confidence to wear this amazing piece!

What’s your opinion about this skirt? Will you be daring enough to wear one for work?

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Tyrone Starke