The know-how for darker skin tone to style like a DIVA!

Darker and flawless skin complexion glorifies women beauty in the most magnificent way. Every skin color is magnificent in its own way and there is every reason to adore your beauty. Dark pigmented colors like plum, berries, pink, red blend amazingly with darker skin. If you are planning to look ravishing and you are not certain about what is going to suit you, fret not as you are at the safe haven of all beauty tips. Budding the perfect fashion sense for darker skin tone can be exigent, but not unworkable. Color of the skin never describes a person, but the way we carry ourselves does. What matters the most is your confidence and your character, not your outer beauty. Every unknown secret that you need to know to glorify your look and putting the enigmatic persona out is right here!

Scroll through these impeccable tips for people with darker skin that can never go wrong.

  1.    The hair color for enhancing that façade– There are many color combinations that may serve your purpose of looking ravishing. For people with a light brown skin, shades like Tiger Eye, chocolate mauve, golden locks etc. can work wonders. Lighter shades may work, but be careful with that experiment. For dark brown skin, colors like driftwood gold, jewel tone etc. are the colors to wear. Darker shades will enhance the look and will be in harmony with your semblance. If you have a darker skin then a tint of red or darker shades with curls is an enhancement that is not going to disappoint.
  2.    The makeup that will astonish– The makeup that you choose to adorn is equally essential for a glorious look and we know exactly what will suit you. Arrays of choices for lip color are there and you can really experiment with bold and intense colors like plum or burgundies. A soothing foundation that goes well with your overall skin tone is advised and you should try at least 2-3 shades to discover the one that matches perfectly with your overall skin tone.
  3.    Dresses that are destined to leave people awestruck– You need to be absolutely careful with this one, as the dress and the color you wear are fundamental in achieving that unblemished look. You can go for light blue, orange, pink, gold or red. These colors enhance your natural glow and fit in well with the darker skin tone. Colors like black, green, navy blue or yellow may not be very soothing to the eyes of onlookers, so try to avoid them. Nonetheless, if you really feel a color or dress suits your persona, stay confident and go ahead with that as it should satiate your senses first and then you should think about the rest of the world.
  4.    Jewelry that you can adorn: Darker skins can almost support any kind of silver, gold or diamond jewelry; just make sure that it blends in well with the rest of the attire. The jewelry plays a paramount role in projecting the confidence in you.

In a nutshell, aforementioned points were some of the first principles that you need to follow if you have a darker skin tone and you want to look ravishing at all times. However remember, no beauty product can truly enhance your beauty unless you actually feel and believe that you are beautiful; and why shouldn’t you believe that; after all, you are one in 7 billion.

Post Author: Troy Brown

Troy Brown