Summer Fashion Tips for the New Mom

Fashion is the last thing on the minds of new mothers. They are much too worried about feedings, diapers, nap times, and tummy time. However, feeling great about yourself and looking good does a lot for your postpartum baby blues. Mothers who have just given birth have a few fashion issues to address. If you are a brand-new mother, here are some summer fashion tips to keep you comfortable, while still hip with the times.


During the summer, shorts become the leg-cover of choice for some women. If you have just had a baby, sometimes shorts can be your saving grace. Most women have a difficult time losing the post-baby tummy pouch right away. Instead of flaunting your stomach, flaunt your lovely legs. Shorts take the focus away from other areas of your body.


If you are a skirt wearer, there are some post baby tips new moms should know. First of all, restrictive skirts, such as denim should be avoided right after birth. You will be up and down, crawling on the floor, lifting a baby out of a playpen, etc. The last thing you want to worry about is others looking up your skirt. Instead, wear long, loose skirts made of light, cotton material. These are very stylish, and extremely comfortable for the new mom.


If you are a new nursing mom, shirts can be an issue if you are going to be in public. I remember when I had my daughter I always wore loose fitted tee shirts so that I wouldn’t be lifting up my entire shirt to nurse. However, I have more recently come up with a better idea. If you decide not to spend the money on special nursing shirts, try button-up cotton shirts, or button-up tank tops. This way you can simply unbutton 2 or 3 buttons of your shirt while you discretely nurse your baby. If you use this along with a cover-blanket, there will be nothing left for anyone to see.


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New mothers have enough issues on their minds to mess with summer fashion. However, the more fashionable you look, the better you will feel. Make sure you always stay comfortable. There is nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable shirt or pair of shoes while you tend to a fussy baby. If you make sure to stay sensible, comfortable, and trendy, your new mom summer fashion will be a success.

Post Author: Tyrone Starke

Tyrone Starke