Styles of casual dresses suited for Everyday wear

Dresses were earlier known to be a formal dress code and were only worn for certain occasions that required them. However, come 2017, and designers have gone all out experimenting with styles, patterns and colours to make dresses an everyday thing, with every girl craving for some dress fashion to be a part of her wardrobe. Dresses today are much easier to carry off and add in a fun and chic element to the dressing. From college girls to office goers; all are now going all out to experiment with the latest dress designs to relieve the everyday dressing woes and add in an element of difference to their wardrobe. Here are some causal styles of dresses that are certainly worth trying and can be easily made a part of your everyday dressing essentials. Have a look at them, and shop online for women’s dresses!

Denim dresses: Denims for a long time has been a term used synonymously with causal dressing. The trend continues with the denim dress becoming a part of everyday dressing for a number of women. Various patterns of denim dresses make it only easier to choose denim dresses as the right casual dress meant for various occasions. From the denim shirt dress to the denim maxi dress, there are way too many styles and options that will get you thinking.

T-shirt Dress: Speak of casual and the first thing that crosses the mind is a plain T-shirt and jeans that provides you all the comfort and style in the world. So here is an extension of the regular t-shirts which are now the t-shirt dresses, which are equally fun, cool and casual. Available in various colours, prints, with graffiti and so much more to choose from. So, gone are the days when t-shirt and the pair of denims was considered the casual style statement, this is the year for the t-shirt dresses in stores.

Shirt dresses: Who would have ever thought that even a shirt would someday undergo a transformation. Well, here we are we the newest dress code for the shirt loving ladies. The shirt dresses available in various colours, prints and styles are driving the dress lover’s crazy with the options. From solids to checks, bold colours to the earthy hues; shirt dresses are fun to experiment with. Accessorize them right with a belt and shoes and you are all set to flaunt a casual look that is far from the regular.

Cold shoulder dresses: From maxi dresses to shift dresses, cold shoulders are in this season and certainly add in an element of fun and quirkiness to the dresses. The ruffles that come with the cold shoulders not only reflect some feminine beauty but also a sense of casualness that is unique to this style. Cold shoulder dresses can be worn every day without having to think twice. They are chic and in vogue, so make the most of it while the fashion lasts.

Midi dresses: The midi dresses are back in vogue, but this time with a style and glamour quotient. Available in various styles, fabrics, prints and colours; midi dresses are gaining popularity as the new casual dressing style. Midi dresses are a little below the knee and ensure full comfort even as they flaunt the design and style.

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Regina Gibson