Shortlist: Top 3 Most Empowering Women Born in February

Although February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any less amazing women who happen to be born during this amazing time of the year. Out of the 28 or 29 days that make up the unique month we have chosen 3 of the most empowering women in the public eye who have made an impact on todays world rocking their very own Queens are born in February tshirt!

#3 Paris Hilton

Paris was born on the 17th February, 1981 and at 37 years of age, she is one of the most well known business women and television personalities. Born in New York City and raised in Beverley Hills, she has always been used to an affluent lifestyle. Her Grandfather, Conrad Hilton, was the founder of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a global hotel chain.

Paris’ breakthrough role came when she starred in the Fox reality series ‘The Simple Life’ with Nicole Richie in 2003. She is popular with fans in entertainment news, although not always for the most positive reasons. Her sex tape scandal was thought to be the reason or her overnight success, however she has done well to continue growing her business ventures and music career. Her self-titled debut album Paris, sold 600,000 copies worldwide and has since worked with the likes of producers Scott Storch and J.R Rotem. Her single ‘Stars Are Blind’ was one of the highest debuting singles in the US in 2008. She won the Fifi Award for ‘Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year’ and Fox Reality Award for ‘Innovator of the Year’. She is on our list of empowering women due to her business success and her loyal fans who follow her every move in the media.

#2 Lucy Watson

Born on the 20th February 1991, Lucy is a top contender for most empowering woman born in the month of Feb! In 2012, Lucy joined the BAFTA award winning reality television series ‘Made in Chelsea’ which has opened up many career opportunities since. The E4 show follows the lives of rich young people from the West London area of Chelsea. It followed her make-ups and break-ups with fellow co-stars and gave fans an insight on how the other half live.

Watson is a global ambassador for PETA and her views on veganism and supporting animal rights are wide known. Her social media is always full of tips and information about the best cruelty-free make up, vegan recipe’s and animal rights protests. Her cookbook ‘Feed Me Vegan’ has been awarded “Best Vegan Cookbook’ by the organisation PETA. Her modelling career is empowering, making her a role model for many young girls, giving them advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle and being in control of your own body. She deserves her place as an empowering lady in our eyes!

#1 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer was born February 11th, 1969 and is currently 49 years old (crazy we know!). Aniston grew up in California but moved to New York at the age of 11 to pursue her acting career. After a few years of unsuccessful roles, she never gave up and rose to fame playing Rachel Green on the hit US television sitcom ‘Friends’ from 1994 to 2004, and became most fans favourite character due to her approachable personality and bold style. Since her most famous role, Jennifer has starred in a wide range of films which launched her in to global success winning her a Golden Globe, Emmy and SAG award.

She is an empowering woman due to her business sense and independent success. Whilst never giving up on her career in those early years and reaching fame later on she continues to be the second highest paid actress, earning $25.5 million per year. Now that a lot of money! We definitely think she deserves the number one spot for most empowering woman born in February.

So there we have it, our collection of queens born in February! Are you born in February, are you on the path to become the next Jennifer? Only time will tell. Let us know if you agree with our line up in the comments section below.

Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson