Prom dress Los Angeles: How to achieve the perfect look

In a blink of an eye the longed-for day arrives, it is just around the corner, waiting for you. Everything is ready; you have already chosen one of the many prom dresses collections, the shoes and accessories that you will use complement the outfit resulting in nothing more than perfection. But do not take the subject of makeup lightly, as opting for the right style will make you look radiant and beautiful, without the need to pretend something that you are not. Jovani, leading brand of the fashion industry, gives you some tips for the perfect makeup that matches the prom dresses Los Angeles that you choose.

The trends vary in each part of the country, and in Los Angeles, the most requested prom dresses this season are: the Open Back, the Velvet Dress and dresses the two-piece gown. The first displays a sexy back, the second brings back the velvet fabric into the fashion world and the last one combines two pieces with a touch of distinct elegance. Here are some tips that will help you flawlessly mix your makeup and these kinds of prom dresses.


This step is the key to keep the skin well nourished and fresh. It also ensures that the concealer and makeup can be applied evenly and smoothly. Try to start your makeup before putting on your prom dress, do it with a shirt or blouse with buttons, so that when changing you do not ruin the makeup design.


Try to use sober colors that match your personality, and complement the dress. If your prom dress is light or subdued, you can use a more lit base. But if your attire has an intense tone, you should make up more soberly. Only one of these elements should stand out, not both. Remember that you are attending a formal event and as such, keep specific parameters that have to be respected. Accomplish formal, elegant and beautiful at the same time. Do not forget to always be yourself.

For an excellent makeup, the first thing you have to do is apply a base that matches your skin tone. The correct way to implement it is with movements from the bottom up. Placing the foundation on each eyelid is imperative. This will help the shadow we apply later to have a longer duration. Then, on the face, put compact powder of your tone to avoid the appearance of brightness in the T area.


If your dress is pink, opt for a complementary tone. You can use a green shadow or vice versa. Play with that idea. The trend of this season in the world of makeup are the shades in pastel and gold. Use this last one as a substitute for yellow. If you use this shade color, keep in mind that your dress should be a purple tone. Apply the appropriate shade according to the color of your prom dress. When you put on your gown, do the finishing touches by removing the excess to avoid stains.

If you are looking to enlarge your eyes a little, which is splendid for all women, use a liquid black eyeliner on the eyelid. This detail will give a charming touch to your makeup, causing everyone to focus on your seductive eyes.


The prom dresses of warm tones always look beautiful if you match it with your lips. If your dress is red, try to imitate that tone on your lips. Achieve a harmonious look, add the same color in your lips, nails and cheeks.

You can apply a matte lipstick that simulates a more natural color and add a gloss to give volume. Both styles will make you look sensual and daring. With the help of a napkin or handkerchief remove the excess of lipstick from your lips. By doing it, you only leave the exact amount to avoid stains or smears. You can also delineate the contour of your lips. Apply it moderately and you will define in a natural appearance. Use lip brush to cover any edge. The look of full lips will mix amazingly with a simple and fitted dress.

The last advice we give you is to smile, so you’ll look like stunning all night.

Try not to use very bright tones in makeup. Remember, it’s only a complement to your prom dress, the principal weapon is your gown. Do not seek to attract attention by wearing such garish colors on your face. The best makeup is one that increases your features and provides a natural result.


Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow