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Process Involved In The Making Of Human Hair Blonde Wigs

Wigs are a necessity for some, an extravagant for others. It is a necessity for people suffering from excessive hair loss and other hair ailments like alopecia. On the other hand people who like to dress up differently every other time, have a penchant for wigs of different colour. But because of the shimmering and shiny quality of blonde wigs, more often than not women prefer wearing it.

But irrespective of the colour of the wig and its use, they are all either made up of

  • Natural hair or
  • Synthetic hair.

Natural hair wigs

Natural hair wigs can be made from hair obtained from humans and other living animals like horses, buffaloes etc. They can even be made from wool obtained from sheep and feathers obtained from birds. Hair obtained naturally first needs to be sorted so that their direction of growth is kept intact and then they are woven after proper treatment.

Process for human hair wigs

The process of making human hair wig involves:

  • Sourcing of hair: Human hair is mainly sourced from China and Mongolia, India, South America and Russia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe. While the hair sourced from Eastern Europe and South America are used for high end wigs like the blonde lace front wigs, those sourced from Asia make for the budget friendly options.
  • Sorting of hair: Wigs are generally made from human hair of the same length. Since human hair grows to varying lengths, it becomes necessary to sort then on the basis of their lengths. This sorting also helps to remove any damaged hair or hair not suitable for the making of the wig.
  • Colouring human hair: In order to make blonde wigs, the human hair is stripped of all its pigmentation so that it becomes absolutely translucent. After this the hair is coated with the blond colour. Sometimes highlights are also added to make them look even more attractive.
  • Silicon coating: After the colour is added the wigs are then coated with layers of silicon in order to give them an additional shine and lustre.

Wearing wigs especially blonde lace front wigs, have become more of a fashion statement now. Seeing blonde colour hair tends to make women feel beautiful and this works wonders for their self-confidence and self image.

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