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As more and more people turn to online shopping, specifically to shop for jewelry, more and more jewelry stores choose to open shop online – it could be already established jewelry brands taking the business to the internet or it could be pioneering online jewelry stores who vie to make their mark in the cyber space. Either way, let’s take a look at online jewelry stores that have been doing great.jewellery

Kay Jewelers is a name brand of Signet Jewelers Limited. As a brand name under Signet, Kay Jewelry associate fantastic customer experience with quality jewelry and as a recently launched online jewelry store, skimping on quality isn’t an option.jewellery

Blue Nile is an online jewelry store specializing in diamonds. Not only they promise highly sought after quality, where nearly 30 pairs of hands’ mastery going into a Blue Nile engagement ring to ensure high quality, they are also thorough, forwarding tips and what type of jewels will appeal to women.jewellery

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Starting its operations in early 2017, Belinda Jewelz promises fashion forward online jewelry store, catering to both men and women and in general, jewelry enthusiasts. Belinda Jewelz is a niche focused online jewelry store whereby they only work with rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and charms & beads which are their expertise areas. A New York based online jewelry store and as a new store on the block, Belinda Jewelz promote a creative culture angled at jewelry creation and development – focusing on the present and future trends as well as timeless collections. What sets Belinda Jewelz apart is having only 4 working days in a week for their staff – they are one of the first companies in the jewelry industry to come up with such work ethos.jewellery

Hailey Gerrits was opened in 2010 and is based in Vancouver – as a jewelry business keen to provide unique and sustainable jewelry, Hailey Geritts has methods of its own in jewelry creation. They use close to 100% repurposed and recycled vintage metal findings. They then match the metals with semi precious stones to create pulchritude jewelry high on esthetic values – the semi precious stones used by Hailey Geritts are hand cut in India. Hailey Geritts jewelry can be found in over fifty boutiques around Canada.jewellery

BSTRD is another recently opened online jewelry store based out of Toronto. As an online jewelry store, BSTRD intends to dress a wearer with a unique styling factor. They also are charity minded – $2 from each purchase is donated to the Children of Hope.

These online jewelry stores all have distinct values of their own that will strike a chord with the right customer base; it also makes them individually unique.

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