Mens Cargo Pants Big and Tall To Carry Many Things

At the beginning of the twentieth century, began to wear a type of mens cargo pants that gave comfort to man. Its wide and straight shape in the legs allowed moving effortlessly, so it was introduced in the military field in the decade of the 30s designer clothes . In addition, they had large pockets on both sides, which gave them the facility to carry equipment of their own, military arts in a comfortable and safe way. They were used in the training field and maneuvers, providing freedom of movement and load.

After its invention in Europe became popular among military personnel in the United States from 1940, who gave it a practical use for the storage of equipment in military operations, thanks to its large pockets. Its original color was khaki, which remained for many years, reappearing with enough force in the 90s, extending to the female audience.

It underwent some modifications, such as the inclusion of new colors, the length of the leg that was initially knee-length or a little lower, it was extended completely to conform a normal trousers, but with its characteristic pockets that were closed with a button to pressure to give maximum security to what they had inside and the slack in the legs of their first patterns.

Nowadays, they are mainly used in military uniforms and as a sports garment. They are combined with sports shoes or boots and, usually, with shirts or flannels that provide the same comfort, with accessories such as caps, bags and wide belts to complement the wardrobe. Its design has varied in the length of the leg, finding pants with measures ranging from the knee, the middle of the calf or even the ankle.

They are ideal to wear at any time of the day, with a matching sweater, to do sports or go for a walk. The Italian brand “883 Police”, offers a variety of models that conform to the specifications of cargo pants, made with excellent materials and retaining the detail in the closures and sizes of their pockets. In addition, it includes decorations on the upper part of the leg, which distinguishes it from the others.

With designs such as the CASSIDY RAP NAVY and CASSIDY BAY CHARCOAL made with fabric, they come in several sizes and colors, with slightly tighter measurements on the legs, but respecting their original characteristics for loading objects. Another model is the HAZARD BEN SAND, made of jean fabric and with multifunctional pockets and knee ornaments.

To acquire these exclusive creations you just have to visit the website and you can have one of these or many other designs, with a click on buy and complete the simple steps indicated by the site. Payments are made by credit card or PayPal, the virtual store is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and you can buy at any time, with the assurance that your clothes will be delivered within a period of 1 7 business days, depending on the country where you are.

In “883 Police – Cargo Pants” we specialize in making real works of art in a casual or sporty style, with a satisfaction guarantee.

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