Keep the classic vibe alive

Some of the most difficult times to dress in a year are the transition times through seasons. Everybody knows what to wear in summertime, but the problem appears when one season is about to end and a new one to star.

For those times, there’s the midi knit skirt which comes to rescue you from any fashion emergencies. The midi skirts comes in so many shapes, textures and colors so you’ll sure find something to fit your style and personality.

For early fall days we would recommend a gray skirt just below the knees. If the weather is chilly enough, go all the way with the knits and wear it with a thick sweater in a neutral colour. Regarding the footwear, go for a pair of comfortable sneakers or choose a pair of ankle boots. An all-knit outfit will look very stylish and keep you warm and cozy at the same time.

Another midi knit skirt option is one with large cutouts in its texture. For a skirt like this you’ll sure need a lining to protect your privacy and look decent. If you choose a bright and crazy color, keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral.

Depending on the pieces you’re going to add, you can take the outfit to a lot of different areas. For example, you can put together a business attire with a black jacket and a white button up shirt. Some stilettos will certainly do the job and make you look classy and elegant.

The nude midi knit skirt had to find its place in our list because it is an all time classic and goes well in so many combinations and you can make endless stylings with it. If you consider it to boring, look for a style with some detailing to it which makes it different and unique.

A deep slit on one leg or some different material inserts will instantly transform a boring skirt into a versatile and playful one.

We tried to make a list of the most iconic and timeless pieces for you to choose from. Follow our advice and put together the most stunning outfits with a midi knit skirt and don’t forget to add your personal touch to it.

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Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson