How to wear leather skirts casually in every season

Leather skirts are versatile pieces of clothing that every fashionista loves. There is no doubt about how easy you can style this staple piece, but how can you make it fit into your wardrobe all year round?

It’s more simple than you’d probably imagine.

There is one main rule you should follow and then work your way around by adding creative touches to the whole outfit, and that is: Pick your favorite shoes for that season, add a leather skirt of your choice and build it from there.

Wearing a leather skirt in Spring

Not as cold as winter, but still not too warm to go bare legged. A pair of stylish ankle boots, a cotton long sleeved T-shirt and a warm  woolen jacket can be one idea on how to style your favorite leather skirt in this season. Adding a fedora hat might just bring a bit of an extra artsy vibe to it too, so you might want to consider it as well.

Summerish leather skirts

Leather skirts in summer are very popular especially when you think of music festivals like Coachella. Cut out T-shirts, bandeau tops and  lace corsets are main choices when it comes to pairing up a stylish leather skirt. As for shoes, high heeled sandals, studded ankle boots or classic sneakers are the go to  items for any style.

Leather skirts in autumn

Autumn is all about adapting to the cold season that came after a very hot summer. Rain boots, cowboy boots or maybe even a pair of chunky oxford shoes worn with knitted stockings for an uber cool outfit that will also keep you warm.

Winter outfits with leather skirts

The cold weather isn’t so rewarding when it comes to fashion choices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite leather skirt even now. The infamous UGG boots should keep you warm enough on a casual day out, but if want something a bit more steady, if I can say so, then opt for some combat boots like Panama Jack or Timberland that are ideal for extra slippery situations.  A chunky knitted sweater and a puff coat is all you need to complete your warm outfit.

Every season has something special about it and it comes down to how you can make the leather skirt mix to actually fit your style by using the clothing you already own.

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow