How to Treat the Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions made with various styles. You can buy the clip that suits your choice at Hairexten. You do not have to worry about using extensions. You can use the clip with high quality. A good extension is made using silicon so that the clip has a high level of stretching. The clip also has a unique movement so you can get a flexible clip. There is one company that managed to create the clip with the best quality. The manufacturer has a clip with a classic style that can be seen. The clip is made with a fabric base so you can sew the clip. The clip is thinner than other clips. You will not feel anything when the clip is installed in your hair. This clip has differences with clips created by other manufacturers. This is a hair extension sewn with love. If you cannot install hair extensions, then you can watch the tutorial video to install the extension appropriately.

Treatment for Clip on Hair Extensions

You will not experience any difficulty to take care of your hair because this clip is already sewn with silicone. The clip can produce soft hair. You should not press or pull the clip with great power. This will make the clip damaged. You do not need great power to connect your hair. You need warm water, conditioner, and shampoo to wash your hair. If you want to style your hair, then you should not use high heat. You must set your device at 176F. High temperatures will damage your hair because the hair cannot be renewed.

This is different from the original hair that grows in your head. Original hair can grow new roots. This is the reason why the original hair can be cut again and grow well. The heat will cause wear and tear to your hair. The temperature will cause your hair to be separated from the silicone bonds in the clip. You can choose the style of hair extension to suit your needs. Manufacturers can provide curly and straight hair so you do not need heat to change the hairstyle. You just need to replace the clip to change the hairstyle straight into curly or wavy. Hair extensions only require proper care. You should keep hair extensions in a clean space. You can use plastic bags to avoid dust and dirt that can damage the extension. You should also use light pressure to install the clip. That’s the best treatment for clip on hair extensions. Get yours at


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