How to Put Together a Great Wardrobe for Men

Some men are always at a loss when it comes to dressing. As boys, mommy usually buys the clothes. Then, social stigma tends to keep boys from thinking too much about clothes and looks. However, when you are older, you have to dress yourself properly. It’s very important to look presentable, especially when you have a corporate job. If you are a man who needs to upgrade his wardrobe, here are several tips:

Include as Many Colours as Possible

Don’t own a boring wardrobe. A man should have a wardrobe as colourful as a woman. While it’s okay to have more clothing items in classic colours like black, blue, white, or grey, don’t hesitate to own items in orange, green, red, or the often shunned pink. In warm weather, you will need to wear colours. Too many dark shades tend to send the wrong message. Also, you will need colours to occasionally do over your overall look.

Buy Leather

No man is complete without at least a pair of men’s leather jackets. They can be expensive, but they are really worthwhile for creating the perfect outer layer look. Don’t own too many leather items. For cold weather and windy weather, leather outer layers will be necessary. Do not keep leather jackets for the summer, unless you are a serious motorcyclist.

Own Patterned Tops

It’s very common for men to stick to single colour shades for tops. But you should really learn to buy patterns as well. Patterns can do wonders for formal or semi formal outfits. When you want to dress us, a patterned shirt may be all you need to avoid accessorizing too much. Buy different clothing items in different patterns. Don’t buy too many items in the same pattern. Also, squarish patterns are manly. But you can also experiment with curves and circular patterns.

Buy Three Types of Shoes

A man absolutely needs three types of shoes: a pair of dress shoes likes oxfords, a casual pair of sneakers or trainers, and a pair of winter boots with thick lug soles. Men don’t want to shop for shoes. But thanks to the internet, you can shop for hours from home. Do invest in buying shoes in these kinds. You will need them to look sharp. Buy shoes that are durable to save money. But you will need pairs that you can easily keep clean. No one thinks much of men in dirty shoes.

Denim Should be Blue

When buying denim for your wardrobe, go with classic-style dark blues. You can add the occasional brown denim if preferred. Avoid the traditional light blue denim, as it is not typically appropriate for anything other than ranching. Dark blue is the best colour for the casual denim, as it can be paired with almost any top or outer layer. Don’t bother buying denims in colours like green or black. Buy trousers in these shades instead.

Have Accessories

Men need accessories as well. Here, the accessories mean scarves, wristwatches, cufflinks, and the like. Pair accessories well with the tops and bottoms you wear. It will be easier if you buy whole outfits that come with accessories. Darker colored accessories are easier to pair with many different shades of outfits. If possible, avoid buying accessories in light colors.

The above tips should help you find the perfect wardrobe for your needs.

Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson