How to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary

An anniversary day has a lot of importance in one’s life. Everyone always waits for this beautiful day and after marriage, this day become the most romantic and cheer able day. If your first anniversary is coming near, you should ready to celebrate it in the best way. It can show your partner’s importance in your heart. The foremost thing is to wish your partner using lovely written Wedding Anniversary Wishes for couple. With wishes, there are other things to share and celebrate at your first anniversary with full of delight.

  • Ask about yourself and the moments you spent with your partner

At your first anniversary, you need to take much more care of your partner than usual. It will up the level of love in your partner’s heart. You both can express your feelings and the experience of the first year which you have spent together. You should give complete freedom to your partner to share his/her feelings and points of view about you. It will provide you occasion to come close and leave any undesired thing in you which is not desired by your partner.

  • You should set a stage for your partner with love balloons and greeting cards

At your first anniversary, you should do everything which is expected by your partner. Always try to recall the settings and arrangements which were on your wedding day. Now make the same arrangements with a big love stage which is only for you and your partner. Make sure that you have set greeting cards with Wedding Anniversary Wishes for couple and colorful balloons around the stage. These things will help you to continue your married journey with same determination which you considered at your wedding time.

  • Arrange a surprise party and order a big love cake

You can also make your first anniversary pretty awesome by arranging a surprise party for your partner. You can invite all friends of you and your partner. You should also invite all of your close family members and neighbors. You can book a big cake with your and your partner name written on it to bring the twist in the party. Your love party will reveal your mutual love in front of your friends, neighbors and family members. It will also boost the worth of your love and affection with your partner.

  • Go out for outing and exchange of reliable gifts

You must also save some time to accompany your partner to a long drive. You both should be well ready and go on love trip with one another. Be sure that there is no one to disturb you. You should go to new places where you not visited with your partner. In this regard, you can choose love points, couple meeting centers, fun areas or a beautiful hotel room. You can give a valuable gift like gold to your partner. It will surprise your partner, and you will feel real happiness in your heart. Your gift will surely help your partner to recall the first anniversary throughout the married life.

Post Author: Clare Louise