Home Makeovers Made Easy

Are you someone who gets bored of your home decor very easily? If yes, welcome to my world. We spend a lot of time looking at the decor of our home and hence we are bound to get enough of it very easily. But can we actually change the décor of home every 2 weeks? If you plan smartly, then yes. We bring to you a few smart tricks you can adopt, to give your house a fresh makeover whenever you want.

  • Trendy Colours In Tiny Pieces : The major reason why we get bored of certain pieces of our home decor is that they run out of style or the trend goes out of fashion. The best way to eliminate this problem is to stick to small pieces like vases, frames etc. when following trends and sticking to classics for the major décor pieces like sofas. For example you may want to add a pop of fresh and trendy colour on your sofa by adding a bright cushion. You can very easily change the cushion cover to bring an entirely new look to your sofa set and a fresh new colour to your living room. You can keep this in mind even while shopping for kitchen storage online as getting kitchen storage in bright colours can add a pop of fun to your regular kitchen.
  • Add A Lot Frames : If you fill up the walls with a lot of frames you can keep altering the pictures giving your wall a new look every time you do that. You can stick to all monotones or all bright colours depending on what you’re feeling. Thanks to online shopping in India, beautiful frames can now get delivered to our doorstep You can even frame quotes, which are going with your temperament at that time.
  • Bring In The Flora : Flowers are beautiful, colourful, fragrant  and all things nice. So why limit them to only the outdoors. The best thing bringing flowers indoors is that you can literally change them every week. Go for different colours, textures and numbers and instantly change the entire vibe of your room. Adding flowers also brings a very positive energy to your room.
  • Paint Walls Wisely : The smartest thing to do with your wall paint is to have one accent wall while the rest remain neutral. Those neutral colours will go with basically all the colours and you can keep alternating the colour of your accent wall to freshen up the home decor whenever you want.
  • Introduce Different Shapes Of Pillows : Cushions and pillows are a great way to alter the look of your bed. Go for sausage pillows, heart shaped pillows, square pillows, big pillows, small pillows and everything else. Keep alternating their positions and placements and have a fresh look each time you do that.
  • Invest In Racks and Chests : Open racks and chests are fantastic ways to display your décor pieces. If you have an open rack you can alternate what you display in it and change the look of the space. You can place everything from books to 3D sculptures to awards and trophies. This is a very cool way to change the look of your space.

These are a few very clever tips to keep in mind before starting your home decor online shopping or getting to the mall to shop for your abode. These tips will prevent you from your home décor from looking monotonous and will keep it looking fresh and new forever.

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