Five Top Health Benefits of Cycling Using a Classic Bicycle

Did you know that Copenhagen – Denmark’s capital city is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world? Yes, that’s right, and bicycles in the town even outnumber its occupants.  Research shows that about 75 percent of the city dwellers cycle throughout the year. Close to 40 percent of the people studying or working in the city cycle to work or school. Bicycling infrastructure is also dominant both in the city and the countryside including segregated bicycle paths and lanes. There are over 7500 miles (about 12000km) of bicycle lanes in the country with signal systems that are not shared with cars or pedestrians. Cyclists are therefore able to accelerate their speed and have the freedom to move about to specific destinations within and outside the city.

Cycling can provide a lot of benefits including health-related benefits. Here are the five top health benefits of cycling outlined for you:

  1.    Improve your Heart

Biking is a great sport that can improve your heart condition. How, you ask? By making you active, and therefore keeping your heart rate at a good steady pace.  A new study in Sports & Exercise conducted over a period of five years showed that active people are less likely to develop high blood pressure and other heart conditions. Cycling helps to engage you and can help you keep heart conditions at bay.

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  1.    Lose Weight

Closely related to improving your heart, is that you will burn the extra calories if you take up cycling. Have you been struggling with losing weight? Do you need to burn fat?  Cycling is a great way to help you achieve precisely that. You only need to get yourself a good bike and your good to go, start by cycling small distances regularly and see the calories melt up.

  1.    Recover from Injuries

Taking up cycling can also help in injury recovery. Research studies have already shown that many elderly patients who suffer knee pain and osteoarthritis improve their conditions when they start cycling. And, this is not limited to the elderly, anyone recovering from joint related injuries can significantly benefit by taking up cycling.  Cycling is in fact one of those exercises that does not add too much weight to the body compared to jogging or running. Anyone can select a bike from classic bicycles and spin about even if it will be just a few minutes in a day – recovery soon happens.

  1.    Feel Better about Yourself

There’s no doubt that cycling enhances your self-esteem. Every time you go riding and finish a mile or two, your body releases those feel-good hormones that make you feel great.  In addition to losing weight, improving your heart condition, cycling therefore makes you feel great and helps keep stress levels down. The next time you find stress rising, hop on a bike and go for that ride.

  1.    Live Longer

Did you know that cycling can increase your lifespan? A study in which participants were regular riders showed that they had a longer lifespan.  According to the survey, cycling experts lived eight years longer than the general population.  Another research also showed that even casual bike commuters obtain longevity estimated to be three to fourteen months more.

It’s no surprise that cycling offers a lot of health benefits. You get to exercise, and at the same time commute move from point A to B. All this burns the extra calories that no one likes to tag along.  Your heart rate improves, and your body is not caught up with stressing issues as cycling helps produce hormones that make you feel good.

Post Author: Andrew Williams