Cami Dresses That Flatter a Full Figure

I want to send a message to all of you plus size women that summer is coming and it is time to shine. Looking your beautiful best is simply fun, especially when it is time to flirt. All you need to do is look the part and be ready to play.

Cami dresses can make you a trendy clotheshorse. If you only think of a sundress when you hear Cami, think again. New ideas and looks have gained favor for women at curvy ends of the spectrum.

When you enter a room, all eyes will be on you when you select to wear a form-fitting Cami dress that says I got it and time to flaunt it. Curves are in vogue if you are willing to highlight them. A form-fitting cami dress tells them you are proud to be a female and have nothing to hide.

If you want to play hard to get, you may want to pick a Cami style that is a little loose below the bust. Give them a hint of your charms as you leave the rest to the imagination. A bit of cleavage will tickle the mystery while letting them work out the rest.

Nature lovers like flowers. Nothing flatters any women’s full figure like a Cami floral print. Great for most occasions, the accessories you choose can make it formal or casual. As your gorgeous figure will fill it out, you know it shows just how tasteful you can be.

Sometimes you want to play at being a queen. Cami’s come in more formal styles (think velvet or taffeta) that can show a bit of those gorgeous legs, all the while letting them know who is in charge. Wearing this type of dress, they may be compelled to kiss your hand and more.

All full figure women need that multi-purpose “little black dress” and a black Cami is an all season choice. Adding a jacket or sweater will let you take the chill off while it works as a sundress in warmer weather. Your lovely figure will show well in this all-occasion dress.

If you want to see some of the latest designs in Cami’s for full figures, check out There is sure to be a pleasing dress that will make you a knockout at your next event, out shopping, or at work. Remember, if you have the nerve, show that curve!


Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow