Jewelry Clique- One destination for classic jewelry

Jewelry is not merely about those traditional ornaments that are used to decorate the body but it is something more than that because it signifies the wild beauty and adds a spark in attire. Nowadays, we come across different forms of jewelry and they all have certain unique elements that add a modern touch. However, […]


How to Maintain a Digital Piano

Although owning a piano may seem like a luxury, most digital pianos are affordable for people with mediocre incomes. However, once you get a piano, how do you make it last? In the guide below, we will be discussing how to maintain your digital piano and make it last a long time.  Where Should I […]


How to wear leather skirts casually in every season

Leather skirts are versatile pieces of clothing that every fashionista loves. There is no doubt about how easy you can style this staple piece, but how can you make it fit into your wardrobe all year round? It’s more simple than you’d probably imagine. There is one main rule you should follow and then work […]


Now choosing furniture online is easier and much more convenient

Can you imagine a house without any single furniture or would you even call that a house? The furniture’s are those which completes the house or any room that is kept in. To make your house complete you are needed to have the perfect furniture. The furniture’s are not bought every day and Versace Home […]


Halter neck evening dress

Select the right dress The halter neck evening dress is one of the most glamorous pieces of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe. This dress is feminine, elegant and stylish. It comes in a variety of designs and it’s perfect for every body shape. If you are invited to a wedding or to […]


Makeup tips for travelers

IT is no easy feat to keep your hair and makeup glowing all the time during the travel. It is obvious to get a lot of problems and annoying muddles during travel. Because nobody wants to arrive their destination feeling like they urgently need a makeup blow, we have here rounded a few tips that […]


Laser Skin Tightening

Are you irked with those wrinkles on your face? Do you desire a youthful look? Are you scared of going under the knife in order to achieve a younger appearance? Don’t worry! There is a nonsurgical technique that can be used to achieve that youthful look you crave – it is otherwise known as skin […]

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How Metro Shoes Captured the Indian Market?

Metro shoes, incorporated in 1947 by Malik Tejani, is a renowned brand in the shoe segment. Until 2013, the brand was well-versed in catering to a particular segment of the customers, the 30+ generation. This had its own parcel of benefits as well as downsides. While Metro Shoes became infamous amongst a generation, it failed […]


Knit skirt with elastic waist

Get a better support from the elastic When picking out a clothing item, besides being trendy and stylish, we all want it to be comfortable and easy to wear. There are these days when you’re late and simply want to throw something on and leave the house! For those situations and for the sake of […]


How to choose the best Necklace

The necklace can be a great finishing element for almost every outfit. The length of the necklace can dramatically affect overall appearance and is particularly important. With the necklace, we can emphasize the area of the body we choose to fall in, so choosing the right length can very well highlight our best curves and […]