Moving Scents – Wonderful Types And Benefits

Fragrances work like magic and keep you fresh at all times. And to be true, who doesn’t like to waft the fragrance like that of a flower? Whilst there are numerous exclusive brands that keep coming up with exquisite fragrances, nothing can beat the charm and fascination of moving perfumes supplied by independent perfume houses. […]

Benefits Of Silk Clothing For Women

For the ladies, the garments they use daily are important because they represent their style and way of being. This is why they need to have items that are fashionable at the time and bring out their most feminine and daring side. Women’s clothing is synonymous with personality, because with it you reflect your tastes and […]

Bridesmaid dress is the basic demand of every wedding

Every women has different thoughts about bridesmaid dresses and this is a fact. This is because they are tensed about the occasion because the dress has to be according to the bride. However, the other reason that they are afraid of is the bride because generally brides focus on her clothes and picks up ugly […]

5 Major Aspects to Consider When Buying Your Wedding Dresses!

Elegance is created through fashion for all structure forms. Nothing is more appealing than a bride who is sparkling and confident. All this comes from the thoroughly fitted wedding gown. Our wedding dresses no matter what your size and shape will fulfil your childhood dreams. The preparations begin with searching of dress from famous and […]

New Year Events In Singapore To Catch Up With Your Gang

Currently, the lifestyle of most of the people throughout the globe has turned towards the highly energetic pool where people always urge towards a fun frolic and enjoyable life. Without any enjoyment and joyful events, life becomes boring gradually as life advice. Thus to welcome the coming year with full of energy and excitement the […]

How can you Show your Love for Comic Books?

Have you always been into comic books? Are you still into comic books, despite being in your 30s? Do you have a thing for comic books and you want people to know about it? Have you always been watching movies with comic book characters in them? Do you want to display your love for a […]

Our Favorite Brands

The wristwatch as we know it today is a relatively new concept, with brands such as Cartier and Patek Phillipe producing them since the late 1800s and early 1900s respectively.  That leaves over a century for companies such as Rolex, Omega, Oris, and Panerai to perfect the design behind the wristwatch. While each of these […]

Manhattan mini embroidery workshop by fashion designer Shaly Guo

Come and learn about mini embroidery with fashion designer Shaly Guo. Shaly Guo is a talented New York based designer from School of art institute of Chicago with a very unique and imaginative style. She was invited to New York fashion week, Chicago fashion week and many other big fashion events and her work got […]

Dreaming about getting famous? Know where to begin

Today’s media are full of stars, from the products they promote and paparazzi photos to the rhinestones and sequins. We cannot escape, we should know who is who, who wears what, and what are the habits of our favorite celebrities. At the midpoint of all the attention, their looks, and the means used to give […]

The popular and the admired Godfather series

Are you interested in the crime drama? If your answer is a yes, you will surely love watching the Godfather series. Whether you are aware or not, but the series is very popular among the audience all across the world. An American crime drama with huge popularity The Godfather Series is an American crime drama, […]