All You Need To Know About Yarns

Several twisted materials spun together forms yarns. Each strand of those twisted materials is made of fibers and they are often textured. As much as 3.6 billion kilogram of yarn was produced in United States in 1995 and this number hasn’t decreased in the decades that followed. About 50% of yarns are made from cotton. Yarns which are textured have higher volume because they have been treated with chemicals..

History of yarn

Yarns were made from flax, wool, flax and cotton in ancient times. Robenhausen, Switzerland is known for being the place where the earliest examples of yarns were found which was over 7000 years old. Experts say that in Egypt yarn might have existed as early as 12000 year bc. Previously yarns were made with the help of spindle and whorl which used to spin the fibers.

Synthetic fiber was developed at around 1891, it was made from wood fibers and rayon which is made from cotton, but they commercially came to the market in 1911. Nylon appeared in the market about half a century later. Synthetic fibers reduced the demands for natural fibers.

Raw Materials for yarns

There are as many as 15 different fibers used to make yarns. There are two categories of yarn, natural and synthetic. In weaving textiles natural yarns are mostly used and are taken from animals and plants. The most commonly used natural fiber is cotton. It is also the best selling fiber in America. Fibers from plant leaf and stem are used in ropes, whereas other fibers from plant include acetate and linen, which are made from flax which in turn is a vegetable fiber. Wool from sheep and mohair from agora goat and rabbits are animal fibers. Silk is also an animal fiber which is produced by silk worms.

Influence in your life

You would never forget the days when your granny used to sit in her rocking chair and knitting sweater for the kids, mostly just before the beginning of winter. When you grow up you began to notice that yarns are used in a much bigger scale than just for making sweaters. There are so many items which are made from yarn these days and also they are in huge demand everywhere.

How to buy yarn

If you are buying yarn for industrial uses, then you should go for bulk purchase. Start buying smaller quantities at the start of your business and then gradually you will know the demand and then buy them in large quantity, because if you stock yarn for a long time, the quality of the yarn degrades with time.

Buying yarn today is not a big problem. It is available online and you can order after comparing qualities of yarn offered by different vendors and their rates. To buy Bulk Yarn you just have to visit the website of a vendor and then place the order. The final product might differ in terms of the type of materials used for making that fiber, the thickness of the yarn, the type of dye that is used on the yarn.

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