A Handy Guide to the Difference between Modern Girls and Southern Belles

If you live in the South of the U.S., such as in the states of Texas, Georgia or Florida, then you surely have a handy take on all the rules of etiquette that govern society. Many people will believe that the society is regressive in terms of such rules, however it is truly privileged knowledge to live by the standards that make up a court and kind young woman.

First of all, a southern woman nowadays doesn’t normally get help when cleaning up her white-picket fence home. However, if she is hosting a large party then she’ll likely call on her favorite Handy app for a cleaning professional to help get her place spic and span for the special day. What if we were to compare the differences between a Southern Belle and a New York City/modern girl? Is there much of a difference? Does the city girl still need a Handy professional to help clean up her space?

There are a few important differences that can be contrived between a Southern Belle and a Modern city girl.

The first obvious one is that a Southern Girl was born and raised to learn how to cook a good meal. On the other side, someone from New York City may be used to ordering out take-out after long hours at work, mainly opting for Chinese food or a healthy smoothie bowl. It’s possible that they don’t even know how to properly cook a dinner for when their friends come over. You can bet that a girl from the South (or with the same mentality) makes every guest leave her home happy and full.

Modern women are often dubbed as being the most career-driven ladies out there, often sacrificing relationships and family to reach their next goal and promotion. While Southern women are highly-educated themselves and make a good living with high-paying jobs, they understand that the true purpose of life is to enjoy meals and quality time with the ones that they love. They make a handy good BBQ on Sundays for their family to get together and talk with one another, where they can put their keen social skills to good use.

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow