6 Dress Styles Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Sometimes women’s fashion can be overwhelming.  Styles and trends keep changing, and there are a lot of cuts and pieces to keep track of.  With that in mind, here are six dress styles you should have in your closet.


Sweet and flirty, the summer frock is essential for steamy summer days and even steamier summer nights.  You can dress it down with a pair of simple, cute flats or even sandals.  You can also dress it up with sparkly jeweled accessories and a pair of classy heels.  The good news, too, is that you can also wear it in the winter with just some tights and a cute cardigan.  Go for a classic cut to get the most versatility of your summer frock.


The tea-length (knee-length) can be just for anything from a backyard barbecue to garden parties to evening galas.  You can opt for bold, bright prints or for more subtle and subdued designs.  Ditsy florals tend to be quite ubiquitous during the spring.


While quite simple, the floor-length dress can be perfect for a red carpet event (particularly in a single, bold color).  At the same time, this simplicity can lend to a more casual feel with a daily handbag and a pair of flats.  If you are tall and slender, consider the slip dress for a lithe silhouette. If you have a curvier body, though, a halter maxi with empire waist could be more flattering; and those who generally shop in petites could benefit from a solid color to appear taller.


But not just any “party dress;” in this case we are talking about a fail-safe, slip-on-and-go party dress that you can throw on at moment’s notice for a last minute date or night on the town.  To maximize shelf life (or closet life, as the case may be) find the perfect combination of classic and trendy silhouettes.


For sophisticated events, nothing beats the tailored look but while you might not necessarily have plans to attend a royal wedding anytime soon, this is just the kind of number that comes in handy when you not have the time to pick the right outfit for work.  


Finally, every woman needs an ultra-glam, form-fitting, figure-flattering bombshell dress.  Whether long and tapered from head to foot or segmented and knee-length, the right piece will flatter in all the right ways but, most of all, make the one who wears it, truly feel deserving of the attention.

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow