5 Useful Tips for Buying Sneakers Online

In the past years, when a new pair of shoes was made available, you would see a line of people shivering outside a sneaker store especially when it is a limited edition. But in recent years there has been an evolution of web browsing and social media. It makes buying sneakers easier through online purchase. Now that people can buy sneakers online queuing or camping out is becoming obsolete.

However, despite the available online purchase of sneakers, finding the right pair can be overwhelming. If you are not careful, you will end up purchasing a counterfeit. To help you make a perfect purchase, I am going to show you 5 useful tips for buying sneakers online.

  • Buy Only From Trusted Sellers          

There are some popular sellers that have gained the trust of sneaker enthusiasts. Though you can make the choice that pleases you it is important, you buy from the popular sellers. Most time, the popular sneaker sellers are trusted sellers. Do you have a brand that works for you? Cling to them and don’t switch brands.

When you are stable, the probability of falling victim of online scam would be lower. Remember, a counterfeit seller is not going to tell you he is selling a fake sneaker. He or she will display the sneaker as an original product just like the real sneaker seller.

  • Make Sure To Read The Listing Carefully

The one big mistake most people make is buying a sneaker without a careful look at the listing. Maybe you saw someone wear a pair of Nike sneakers a few days ago then you decide to search for it on the internet. Mere seeing a picture of it on the store website you just go ahead and purchase it. You would be making a mistake doing that.

You need to take your time and make sure you read the listing carefully. Take a careful look at the image, is it the original? Check the price and rating to see if it is authentic and would work for you. Also carefully look at the information about the sneakers to see if the specifications are really what it should be. After confirming that all is perfectly right, you are good to go.

  • Ask Sellers Questions If you Have Any Doubt

A talk with the sneakers seller could fill in details that would help you make a better choice. There is no crime in asking. If you have any doubts about a sneaker, ask the seller one question or two.  Never shy about asking because if you make a mistake in purchasing a sneaker that would not work, you might be at the losing end.

You can ask the seller about the size. In fact, you can ask for the sneakers to be modeled for you so you can see it from multiple angles. Also, you can ask about the color and other important information that can help you clear the doubt.

  • Ask For Legit Check Online

It is advisable you check if an online store is legit before you buy from them. Don’t get left in the dark. Illegitimate websites would copy the popular and trusted websites. Here are some of the ways to know if an online store is legit or not.

    • Take a careful look at the website’s domain name. Some illegitimate websites would associate their name with the name of a well known and trusted brand like Adidas.

    • Check for the customer service content information. A legitimate online store should list their email, phone number and where the business is located.     

Closely examine the website contents for errors. Even though a mistake is inevitable, legitimate and, top brand websites hardly make major grammar mistakes and simple spelling mistakes.

    • Also, check if the website has great and encouraging customer reviews.      


    • Use fashion guide websites like CopEmLegit or LegitYeezy (if you love Yeezy) as they list legit online sellers. You can also ask on fashion related forums or reddit for legit check.

  • Find Out Return Or Refund Policy    

The return policy of the online store should be an important factor in your purchasing decision. If you don’t find out about the refund policy, you would be making a mistake. Buying from a seller that has a high return rate or bad return policy can take you to a horribly wrong path.

A good refund policy indicates the seller is standing behind the sneakers they are going to sell to you. When you see a clear and concise return policy, you are assured that the product is what it is represented to be.   


Final Words

With the 5 useful tips for buying sneakers online discussed above, I am sure you would not have a problem making the best decision. Now that more heads are buying online you need to stay on top of your game and be careful.    

Thank you for being part of our awesome community. If you have any comment, make use of the comment box.   


Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall