4 Reasons Your Fashion Blog is Bad. And It’s not Your Webhosting or Web design.

These are some observations I made as an internet business adviser and webmaster of, a website that provides reviews on webhosting services and the best deals for low cost webhosting.

Though the tone of this article is meant to be humorous, there is a great degree of truth in it. If you are a fashion blogger, especially a new one, please don’t be offended and don’t take my words literally. Instead, try to find few things in this article you can use to improve your fashion blog.

So, you have been running a fashion blog for a while now. You think of yourself as an authority in all matters fashion with a resume to boot. You may not have been to Milan or Paris or New York, but you got your fashion game right down to the T.

However, the traffic has not been as good as you might have wanted. There is a small trickle of visitors, but you really need a surge. Do you know why this is so?  Well, the only reason is that your fashion website is… bad.

Here is why your blog sucks the air off the internet:

  • Your approach is all over the map

When you work on your blog, you work without a strategy. In fact, you’ve have confused tactics for strategy.  Tactics and strategy are different. Strategy is having a clear plan that will help you achieve your objectives. Tactics, such as hosting with a cheap webhosting service, are actions you take to achieve your objective within your time and financial limits.

Tactics are sets of ideas that help you get where you need to be. However, without the right combination of ideas, your strategy is going to be weak and all over the place. A good way to start is to look at other successful fashion blogs and see what they do.

  • You didn’t know what you were doing when you started the blog, and most probably still don’t know today

It has all going downhill inside your ‘fashion blog’, hasn’t it? Do you feel a little like Alice tumbling down that rabbit hole? Well, it happens. Because you started out without a clear purpose, you are now spending valuable time talking about why you need your nails done like yesterday and why Cate, one of your friends, is suddenly moving out of town. Wrong. You will need to focus a little here. A blog needs to have a purpose. That purpose needs to be reflected in the content. At Wikigains we have been asked to write about various topics unrelated to webhosting. Despite the fact that the offers were generous, we kindly declined. This has paid off in the long term. Decide what your blog niche and do something about that only daily or weekly.

  • You never say no promoting bad products

What your clients give you to review are not good products. They are garbage; out of style, out of class, pretty zany. Yet you never say no. You keep reviewing dresses and shoes that belong in the gutter. As a result, visitors are starting to scoff at you. They no longer believe in your ability to deliver. At Wikigains, we do not represent any webhosting provider who have not proven themselves to deliver quality product and service over many years. Promoting only high quality products helps you build trust with your readers.

  • You are using your children as models without their consent

Terrible, terrible idea. You got kids watches and kids clothes, slapped them around your kids, paraded said kids in a home studio and took pictures of ‘the merchandise’. The kids didn’t want it, the clothes were a bad fit, and the blog photos look bad.

This list is not exhaustive. There could be other reason your blog blows. The good news is that you can fix things if you put your head to it. And if you want to start with picking a webhosting service that gives you value for money, then just roll over to this page.

Post Author: Troy Brown

Troy Brown