4 Rajasthani Sarees That Add Colours To Your Wardrobe

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Sarees from different parts of India have their own significances and they are known for their unique features. These traditional sarees are often used as bridal sarees because they carry the essence of that particular region. In the auspicious occasions like weddings and engagement, people prefer to wear these traditional sarees.

Like other States in India, Rajasthan has its own fleet of traditional sarees which are very colorful and vibrant.

Bandhani Saree: This is the traditional design from Rajasthan also known as bandhej. Generally, the designs or patterns on the saree are done with white colour or any other contrasting colour on silk fabric. The entire look and feel of these bandhani sarees are so nice that they can be suited for any occasion, both during the day and the night.


Resham Booty Saree:This is one more Rajasthani traditional style where the entire saree is embroidered with glimmering thread work. This gives the saree a gorgeous and dazzling look and are apt as bridal sarees for weddings, engagements and festivals as well.

Rajasthani Mirror Work saree:Mirror work on sarees, lehengas or dupattas is a popular style in Rajasthan. Mirror work of different sizes can be there all over the saree or on the borders. They look beautiful and elegant and add an extra charm to the overall look.Untitled

Rajasthani Colourful Saree:These come in different colour combinations in the same saree. Mostly bold and bright colours are chosen so that the entire saree looks like a colourful bouquet. They look amazing on young girls and can be worn as lehenga saree which brings out their beauty in a more profuse way.


Many of these can be a part of the wedding trousseau as bridal sarees. Rajasthani sarees are usually very bright in colours and add a lot of variety to your wardrobe. If you are a new bride or planning to attend a wedding, these sarees can be a nice attire to try out. Choose accessories wisely because these sarees are so complete in themselves that you might need minimal jewelry to go with them.

If you want to add colour and freshness to your wardrobe, bandhani sarees from Rajasthan are a must buy. They can come in a wide number of colour combinations and you can choose one according to your style and preferences. You can also choose nice dori blouse designs to go with these sarees.

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