3 types of jeans every man needs

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? One of the most universal types of pants out there, jeans are stylish, functional and smooth. A staple of every man’s wardrobe – you probably have a few favorite pairs hanging in your closet.

That’s all well and good, but the options for these are endless. You can go in any direction with jeans that you can think of.

What types of jeans fit your body, and your skin tone? Which are fashionable and fast fads, and which jeans are investments that stand the test of time? Grey jeans…black…dark blue…straight vs slim fit vs bootcut…etc.

There’s plenty of styles that you can go back and forth between. It’s no wonder, then, that some men out there struggle when trying to choose the essential pair of jeans to add to their daily outfit. Don’t worry – we’re here to help make the choice easier. Here are the essential fits.

Dark Denim: Dark denim has been the standard color for the past few years, and while brighter colored jeans are making a comeback, you can’t go wrong with these either.

For the most part, darker denim has the most flexibility when it comes to going beyond casual looks – they go well with blazers, dress shirts, ties, wing tips and boots. Why not add a par of these to your wardrobe? Considering how they can be dressed up and dressed down, they’re the most versatile option out there

Khaki denim: Make sure to pick up some khaki or tan-colored denim to boot. These are preppier than the normal and work really wear with more dressed up outfits like business casual. Khaki jeans work well when it comes to blending them in with dress shirts or darker colored tos – they really stand out from colors such as black, dark navy blue, etc.

Light Demin: Lately, these have made a comeback and in a major way. Brighter color jeans are a bit harder to pull off than other jeans types, but if you’re wearing the right fit they’ll look fashionable and stylish.  While light denim isn’t exactly tough or masculine, they’re a good casual alternative and go well with a T shirt. If you’d like to look more casual or pull off good street wear, try these.

Regular Fit: A bit less well known but these are the standard fit jeans that give your crotch area decent amounts of space / room. Unless classified as other, jeans are regular fit jeans. Still, having a pair of these make for a more dressed down / relaxed appearance – just take care not to go too far in the other direction and make them baggy.

The above four jeans types are a great start for stepping forward your casual wardrobe and outfits in a simple, stylish way. A good pair of jeans is a worthy investment and can be blended into a variety of outfits – make sure to pick the right ones! These essential pairs of jeans should definitely be in your closet. Head to Well Dressed Brother for more

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow