10 Reasons You Should Do a Wardrobe Review

Cleaning out your wardrobe can be something that is dreaded, but once it’s done it feels so great to be organised! Reviewing your wardrobe on a regular basis is an absolutely brilliant idea. If you have trouble in cleaning out your wardrobe, why not get in touch with a personal stylist to help you out. Here are 10 reasons you should do a wardrobe review.

  1. Keep track of your inventory – When you forget that you had an item of clothing, you can’t wear it. There’s nothing like a wardrobe review to remind you of all those items you love but have forgotten about. It’s time to wear them again!

  2. Identify wardrobe gaps and surpluses – Keeping track of what’s in your wardrobe will help you to fill it with the right items. This helps you to avoid buying the same thing over and over again. You only need one or two of the same sort of clothing, not twelve.

  3. Creating outfits – Running through all of your clothes helps you to piece outfits together in your mind to create that perfect capsule wardrobe. You want a wardrobe that has lots of outfit possibilities.

  4. Getting rid of certain clothing – It’s such a freeing feeling to get rid of pieces that just don’t suit you. Pass them on to charity for an extra good feeling.

  5. More frequent use – Knowing what’s in your wardrobe means you will wear items more and in different combinations.

  6. Addressing storage needs – You want your wardrobe to be organised. So it may be time to get some new storage like shelves and dividers for your

  7. Fine tune your personal style – Becoming familiar with the pieces in your wardrobe helps you to compare them to your current personal style. Your personal style is always evolving, so you need to tweak your current wardrobe to fit that style.

  8. Kicking off creativity – Looking through your pieces may encourage you to get creative with new outfit combos.

  9. Tidy things up – Wardrobes always look a lot tidier after a wardrobe review. Get rid of the clutter, rehang and refold your clothes and really sort your wardrobe out.

  10. Get in control – Doing a wardrobe review makes sure you’re in control of your personal style, and can even give you a sense of calm.

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow